Snorkeling & Diving

Many of the island’s visitors come here for these great activities, and Little Corn does not disappoint. We are lucky to have a healthy reef system just minutes from the dive shops, with the chance to see sharks, rays, dolphins and much more.

There are a number of locals who offer snorkeling trips from around $20 per person for 2 hours. Ask along the beach on the east side of the island for more details or check the operators below. Or you can snorkel off the beach from either the east side or north side, but be aware of weather conditions as it can get choppy at times.

There are around 20 dive sites around the island, and also the famous ‘Blowing Rock’ which is located 16 miles away and to which special trips can be organised.
Diving in Little Corn is ideal for all levels as it’s not too deep and does not usually have strong currents. It’s a great place then to learn to dive, or to advance your dive certification. Prices are also competitive compared to other popular dive destinations in Central America. Visit Dolphin Dive for more details.

A note about spearfishing
Please note that spearfishing is illegal for tourists on the island. Penalties for being caught are 500 cordobas for first offense, second offense is 5000 cordobas and confiscation of equipment.
This law may not be widely enforced, and some locals will still offer to take you out spearfishing if it means them making some money from the trip. But we have a small reef ecosystem here and we can already see the number of apex predators (groupers, snappers etc.) reducing on the reef. Please respect the local environment and leave your spears at home.