The Corn Islands are located about 50 miles east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Little Corn is only about 1.5 sq miles in size, but bursting in character. You won’t believe you’re in Nicaragua when you come here, this is truly an oasis of tranquility, and a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

Home to around 800 people speaking Creole-English and Spanish, this is one the most friendly places you’re likely to find, with a real sense of community and people willing to talk with you and share their experiences, as well as help you out.

Both the Corn Islands were under British rule from the 17th to the 19th Century and were often visited by pirates in these waters.

Fishing, in particular for lobster has long been the mainstay of the island, but in recent years tourism is also playing a larger part in the island economy.

As with most of Nicaragua, you can use either the local Cordoba currency here, but US$ are also accepted everywhere, provided they are in good condition with no rips, tears or defacing, otherwise the local banks will not accept them.

When we say ‘local’ bank, the nearest bank, and ATM, are on Big Corn Island, so come prepared with cash, although an increasing number of businesses now accept credit cards, but check in advance to avoid having to make a trip back to the Big Island to top up your funds! (Tranquilo Café and Desideri Café also offer cash back on cards, subject to a 10% fee).

Security is generally not an issue on the island, but normal precautions should be taken as with traveling anywhere, such as keeping your room locked, keeping valuables locked away, not leaving things on the beach whilst going snorkeling for an hour or two!

What to do here…

Chill, relax, dive, snorkel, kitesurf, kayak, fish, yoga, paddleboarding, massage, horseback riding….. and generally get away from it all…. perfect…..


Check out a new guided fly fishing service…. Brandon has been fly fishing on Little Corn for almost 2 years so knows exactly how to get you in amongst the action, and for beginners, his expert tutoring will be a great experience…. www.flyfishinglittlecorn.com


The following weather forecasts seem to be the most reliable for local weather conditions. Remember that during the ‘rainy’ season of May to November some of the forecasts will show rain symbols every day, whereas in reality this just means there is a chance of rain on those days!

Windfinder – click here. This site is great to know what’s happening with the wind. The pangas run twice a day most days unless the wind is very strong.

Forecast – click here. During lots of the year we get a little rain each day and as a result the forecast may show rain. That doesn’t mean it will rain all day, just that chances are some rain will come.